MIHAN 2020

Mihan 2020 A Virtual Job Fair to Bring Saudis Into the Workforce

Currently, more than a million nationals are unemployed in Saudi Arabia. Mukatafa created the Mihan Virtual Job Fair in conjunction with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development for Saudization led by the private sector to create jobs, offer opportunities, and bring Saudis into the workforce.

The brief

Mukatafa wanted to run an event that would present over 10,000 job opportunities to as many jobseekers, if not more, who could apply to and interview for jobs from the comfort of their own home.

They needed the following functionality and features to ensure that the event would be a success:

  • A virtual event platform that could host unlimited audience and exhibitor numbers
  • Tools to ensure efficient and effective networking between jobseekers and employers
  • An immersive, engaging and easy-to-use environment
  • Jobseekers needed to be able to upload their CVs and share them with employers in real-time
  • Employers needed to have the ability to share and advertise job vacancies within the event
  • The ability for video interviews to be scheduled and take place within the event platform

The lobby for virtual recruitment fair MIHAN 2020 food and drink hospitality edition

Malga took this brief and implemented features and tools that would enable Mukatafa to achieve their virtual event objectives. Specific features included a tool to allow CVs to be uploaded, the functionality for employers to advertise jobs, and for jobseekers and employers to have one-to-one video interviews - all within the platform. And as Malga is a dual-language platform, we're able to run events in English and Arabic.

The results

The event was held across two different dates, split by sector: Retail, and Food and Drink. Across both dates, 34,364 people attended - and they were able to seamlessly discuss job opportunities and share valuable information.

💻 13 workshops took place

📢 10,069 jobs were advertised

📄 34,214 CVs were shared

👥 5,833 interviews happened

Here's what Mukatafa had to say...

"Mukatafa is honored to have partnered with you to bring Mihan’s job fair to life. The event platform you created seamlessly paved the way for success in providing more than 10,000 jobs in tandem with the Saudization initiative. With more than a million nationals unemployed in Saudi Arabia, this job fair brought hope, stability, and grounding to many who lived without it this year. Together, we are creating a future where everyone wins.

Thank you for your partnership, leadership and for making a difference in this kingdom that we all love so much."


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