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Malga allows you to maintain the unique energy of a live event within a virtual environment. Discover how to engage and delight your sponsors and attendees alike; through networking, Q&A, gamification and more. 

  • EVOLVE 2020: EMEA edition A Virtual Conference Bringing Together Hundreds of Financial Services Professionals

    "At EVOLVE, our goal is to inspire, engage and motivate all who are involved in our events. Going virtual presents a different set of challenges to overcome - but with the right virtual events platform, we were confident that all our goals could be met. Malga's flexibility, customer support, and overall ease of use make it a standout platform for organisers, sponsors & delegates alike."

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  • The World Hydrogen Summit 2021 Three Action-Packed Days of Insight Sharing, Relationship Building and Deal Making

    The 2nd World Hydrogen Summit, held in partnership with the City of Rotterdam & Port of Rotterdam, took place virtually on Malga on 9-11 March 2021. The Summit gathered international hydrogen leaders from across the value chain for 3 action-packed days of insight-sharing, relationship building and deal making, continuing the momentum and driving the industry forward.

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  • Mihan 2020 A Virtual Job Fair to Bring Saudis Into the Workforce

    Currently, more than a million nationals are unemployed in Saudi Arabia, so Mukatafa created the Mihan Virtual Job Fair in conjunction with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development for Saudization led by the private sector to create jobs, offer opportunities, and bring Saudis into the workforce. They presented over 10,000 vacancies to jobseekers who could apply to and interview from the comfort of their own home.

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  • SABIC 2020 An Annual General Meeting to Connect Employees Across the Globe

    Every year, SABIC holds an annual general meeting to bring their international teams together in one place to present the year's results and look to the year ahead. But with 2020 being an exceptional year, that halted their plans. They needed to turn this business-critical meeting into a hybrid event.

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  • Digital Recruitment Fairs Get jobseekers directly in front of employers looking to source high-calibre talent

    The shape of the traditional recruitment fair is changing. Gone are the days of filing into exhibition halls with organisations plotted out on a floor plan. It's no longer about who has the biggest banners or spent the most on promotional swag. And there's no need for candidates to arm themselves with reams of CVs anymore. Recruitment fairs are going digital!

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