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2020 has been a year that's accelerated businesses into the virtual world faster than anyone could have anticipated. Virtual networking may be a necessity for some right now - but it also offers many business advantages, such as access to a broader global audience, cost and time savings, and the opportunity to collect vital data on your audience's activity.

Malga harnesses cutting-edge technology and real-world expertise to bring you an innovative virtual events platform that supports your virtual and hybrid events. Let’s take a tour.

Enter via the lobby

Malga brings a real-life feel to your event with attendees entering via the lobby. This intuitive home screen gives a quick, visual representation of everything in which your guests can participate. And with bespoke branding, you can convey an immediate impression of your business.

Interact with presentations and workshops

'Walk' through the Exhibition or Conference Hall, and you'll see the sessions available throughout the event. Attendees can choose presentations or workshops that they wish to attend by adding them to their calendar or bag or attend them immediately. These sessions are interactive, allowing guests to communicate with their hosts or other participants. For a quick view of what's on, click on the Agenda, which offers the same calendar-adding function.

Check out the exhibitors

Explore the show floor, where your exhibitors and sponsors can present their material. Each stand can be company-branded with a variety of design layouts from which to choose. Mirroring the feel of a live event hall, guests can visit stands, chat to the hosts, watch videos and access presentations or add items to their bag for later viewing.

A bag of goodies

Everyone likes to walk away from an event with a few perks to enjoy later. Malga provides a virtual bag for your guests to do just that. They can add videos and brochures for review later, perhaps with offers and rewards to encourage them to interact with your brand in the future.

Time to network

Events are all about making contacts and building new synergistic relationships. Use the chat or network function to search connections, send messages and start chats. With a group chat function also available, you can bring together people with similar interests and initiate group discussions.

Add some excitement with a little competition

Competition, whether it’s quizzes or treasure hunts, adds energy to a networking event and encourages attendees to interact with exhibitors or sponsors. For example, encourage guests to visit your top stands by offering a prize for collecting some form of clue or token from each one. Motivation is provided via Malga's leader-board, where visitors can view their position throughout the event.


Malga enables you to offer your virtual guests almost every event element they'd find at your live events, with opportunities for digital interaction, just as they would in person. Personalised with your content and branding, it is an excellent solution at a time when live events are uncertain. And once experienced, its advantages may lead to it being the choice form of event networking in the future.

Please get in contact with Malga to find out the virtual event solutions we can offer your business.

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