How to Use Virtual Events as Part of an Ongoing Marketing Strategy

The global pandemic has turned networking events upside down, with social distancing restrictions accelerating the use of virtual events. But, with all the benefits offered through hosting events online, it is likely to be a trend combined with hybrid events that is here to stay. Malga shares insight into how you can use your virtual event as part of an ongoing marketing tool.

Before your virtual event

Hosting a virtual event is an excellent opportunity to communicate with your audience. Get creative with teaser content across social media to pique interest, before officially introducing the digital event with dates, times and registration details. Use email campaigns and paid advertising in relevant places to raise awareness and generate sign-ups.

Offer value

Aim to be innovative with your content. Virtual events are quickly becoming more of a regular occurrence, so there needs to be a unique element or a compelling benefit for yours to stand out and gain interest. Are you providing industry insight and showcasing thought leadership? Is it a networking opportunity for like-minded individuals, or are you hosting a more light-hearted, entertaining event that brings people digitally together?

Sneak previews

In the lead up to the event, give sneak previews of what your guests might expect. Use videos and live streams, perhaps including your guest speakers or exhibitors, as a way of generating engagement.  And don’t forget to tag the individuals involved to widen the reach of your campaign.

As the date gets closer, use countdowns, and quick reminder emails and online campaigns to ensure the best possible attendance.

After your virtual event

Once you’ve logged off from a successful virtual event, there is so much you can do with the information and content created:

Follow-up communication

Don't miss the opportunity to say thank-you to your attendees in the few days after your virtual event. There is a short window of time here where you can strengthen the leads you have created.

Asking for feedback is a good post-event marketing strategy that generates engagement. However, limit the questions you ask to increase participation – no one has time to complete lengthy surveys, and you'll risk losing valuable contacts.

Make the most of your data collection.

Use the data collected from the event to build a clearer picture of your audience. What demographic attended? Which presentations received the most engagement? What questions were asked, and what feedback for improvement was left? This information is valuable data that you can use to refine your ongoing marketing strategy.

Repurpose your content

You've worked hard to create quality content for your event, so ensure you get the most out of it. Use the content developed for generating blogs and ongoing social media posts to continue to build your audience and drive action. Share snippets of presentations, insightful comments or captivating visuals, created before or during the virtual event. Posting pictures of social interaction and tagging your attendees is an excellent way to reinforce connections and also reveals another side to your business.


There are many benefits to hosting virtual events on a platform like Malga, and these don't end when your guests have switched their laptop off. Use the virtual event as an opportunity to engage with your audience and leverage the content you have created to generate maximum return on your investment.

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