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During this extraordinary year, we've seen a lot of changes. We've switched from dine-in to delivery, we've traded make-up for masks, and a lot of employees have swapped pinstripes for PJs. Similarly, due to social distancing restrictions, occasions that would typically involve a gathering of a large number of people have also been pivoted to virtual events and are being run on online event platforms such as Malga. In this post, we'll share some advice on the all-important preparation required for hosting such an event.


What is a virtual event?

These are online, digital versions of events that would usually be held in a physical location, such as conferences and exhibitions. Usually hosted by one company, virtual events allow multiple participants to log on, view content, and interact with the hosts, exhibitors and other attendees. Using video technology for live streaming and pre-recorded content, virtual events also offer chat functions for networking, access to a company’s educational or marketing materials, and sometimes quizzes and competitions to add a light-hearted, competitive element to the experience.


Why hold a virtual event?

A virtual event is a cost-effective and safe way of reimagining the experience of gathering a large group of people in a location to stage a promotional or educational event. As well as the current situation with COVID-19, virtual events are incredibly convenient, as participants can attend from the comfort of their own home or office. They also offer a much wider reach, as individuals from all over the world can log in to enjoy the experience - physical distance is no longer a barrier!


Preparing for a virtual event

Forward planning for a virtual event is vital. Use the following as your checklist for making sure that your event is a winner...


Advance planning

  • Select a virtual event platform - such as Malga - that is easy and intuitive for you and your visitors to use. It must also ensure complete reliability for the duration of your event. Malga offers digital versions of all the things you’d expect to see at an in-person event, such as shows halls for presentations, exhibitor stands and chat functions. Your entire event will rely on user experience, so, selecting the right platform is the single most important factor in your preparation. Take the time to get to know its layout and functionality, so you are not left fumbling when you go live.
  • Put together a comprehensive marketing plan for the event, including determining budgets and identifying your target market, and then get creative with your marketing campaign.
  • Prepare your digital content for the event. This may include recording videos, putting together branded sales decks and marketing brochures, and writing company introductions.
  • Prepare your ticket-selling platform and test it to make sure that customers are easily able to buy tickets.


Countdown to event

  • Email attendees to confirm the date and time, as well as to provide full instructions on how to join the event. To make sure the event runs smoothly, it’s good practice to admit attendees at least 20 minutes before the events begin.
  • Carefully select your stage for your live presentations, making sure that you select an appropriate background and any props required to support your delivery.
  • Rehearse and time your presentations, adding or removing content where necessary, and make sure that all of your equipment is in working order.


A well-put-together virtual event can be a fantastic way of raising brand awareness and generating new business leads. Taking the time to research, plan and prepare, and you will make sure that your event is talked about for all the right reasons.


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